Imation touts heavy-duty, scratch-resistant discs

I just posted the article Imation touts heavy-duty, scratch-resistant discs.

 Gil T Pleasure used our news submit to tell us "According to the article, they will be available next month and cost slightly higher than regular discs."Imation said the long-lasting "memory...
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OK Imation her’s a Lesson on Pricing 10cents a Disc increase is reasonable $1 or more is not.(Also Making your Disc of higher Qual wounln’t hurt)

Great idea, Too bad TDK beat you to the punch. I’ll be interested to see speed/price of these discs.

I like this “slightly higher” expression. They can’t tell HOW MUCH MORE will the discs cost. And I don’t mean that they should specify a price, but they could have said something like: 20-30% more and it would have been ok. “Slightly more” could mean “10 times more” and in that case… I’ll just buy 5 regular discs and write the same data on each, it would be safer :smiley:

What’s I’d like to see is 16x discs with this feature. Made by Taiyo Yuden :slight_smile:

Hello warforpeace aint seen you in a long time bro’ :X

would be interesting to see how it competes with TDK’s technology.

Been posting here every now and then… Don’t have the time to browse the site thoroughly :frowning: