Imation to acquire Memorex

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OAKDALE, MN (January 19, 2006) – Imation Corp (NYSE:IMN) and Memorex International, Inc, today jointly announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Imation …

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One crp media company acquiring another crp media company can only mean double the amount of cr*p media will be produced :wink:

BUT… It might cause some downward pressure on overall media prices in general, which is a good thing.

But…doesn’t less competition usually make prices increase/not go down ? :wink:

I like Memorex a lot better than Imation.

Quite a history Memorex has got. And I thought it was just some contemporary asian crap. They really should have stuck to the tapes :B P.S. Still using empty cases from DL Mem branded Riteks… :r

I’m yet to use Imation DVD media, but Imation/CMC Magnetics CD-R media always worked great for me.

I don’t care if prices go down, they are already low (really), what I care about is whether quality goes up. I can’t say I’m happy with Memorex CDRWs, but, then again, few CDRWs are rarely good.

At work our puchasing department chose Imation DVDR for some unknown reason. They’re Moser-Bauer from India, and I haven’t had any actual problems with them, but when I need to make an important archive I still bring in one of my TYG02 blanks…

Depends. Wal-Mart has had the effect of lowering prices here in the US, despite the fact that some grocery and discount stores have been beaten into submission over the years. Also, fewer companies doesn’t always mean less competition. Sometimes, it can mean more competition if one competitor gains the critical mass needed to do so effectively. We’ll have to wait and see on this one :wink:

Is it live? or is it craporex?

Well I’m not to bothered - some good may come of it, as long as it doesnt affect prices Im OK with the take over As For Imation CD’s. Well I;ve not tried the DVD’s either, bu the CD’s Ive been using for an absolute age (Get them free in bulk from work :wink: ) and I can honestly say I;ve never produced a bad disk, never lost data on them! I have disks form around the mid 90’s (maybe a bit later - can’t remember exactly when I/we started to get these CDs!) and they still read fine after all these years in any drive I care to have tried them in!

Imation cd-rs are CMC from memory - and stored well = no probs It’s more like … does it live? or is it ima-o-rex?