Imation (SOHW-1673S) - should I crossflash to get booktype setting?



Newbie Imation/Lite-on owner here… I have one of these drives and want to do the booktype bitsetting. I’ve noticed the imation firmware (Internal firmware rev: JSIA; Firmware timestamp: 2005/03/31) is not supporting the booktype bitsetting using the LiteOn utility so I am thinking of changing to generic JS07. Sorry for the basic question, I’m trying to determine the best course of action.

Should I:

(a) use FlashFix, or
(b) use Omnipatcher to change the Drive ID to a 1673S, or
© use Omnipatcher to enable cross-flashing

then flash with JS07 (using the liteonexe)…

or any other suggestion.

Thanks very much.

  1. pls dont copy post…

I read on thats there are problems whit imation Drives if u want to check LiteON FW then

  • download EEPROM Utility and backup media.
  • download OP2
  • download FW fromCode’s site edit it by OP2 and save
  • Flash drive… reboot and check Booktype LiteOn Utility.


I had no choice since I didn’t get a reply to the appropriate thread 19 hrs ago, and you’ve referenced the same unanswered thread… so :confused: thanks for the circular reference…

This hasn’t answered my question…

Please answer more meaningfully next time.


coping same post … wont change anything …

because u can’t read >> 1 post there in enough answer ?

i think it’s enough meaningfull above^

ohh if u dont want read just: download and flash your drivie whit KS04 c-f


Please don’t crosspost and please be more patient. 19 hours is not a long time in forum time, especially with different time zones. Also posts like this one, will not earn you any respect on this forum…


Thanks for your answer - though it still doesn’t answer the original question however I appreciate your effort.

Sometimes people can’t be bothered reading a deep thread.

[edited] as I said, you didn’t answer my original question. You see, I’ve found it’s not possible to use the official JS07 flasher since it is rejected apparently due to the drive being labelled as an imation drive, hence the question.

I’ll DL it & give it a go - if it’s like the JS07 flasher (i.e. I need to crossflash) then I am back here again (back to getting an answer to the original question). I don’t want to root my drive hence the question.

Thank you.


Ok fair enough. I apologise.

Not answering the question and using a circular reference is just a waste of time IMHO.



Yes, in your opinion, but sometimes opinions are better keep to ones self, if help is required ;).


Re: Imation (SOHW-1673S) - should I crossflash to get booktype setting?
if still u dont know try by yourself … <- read this …



Thanks alot for your assistance.