Imation RipGO! 8cm CD MP3 player

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Imation will have a new device available in October. The device is called RipGO! and is another 8 cm CD MP3 player. It uses an USB connection to communicate with your computer.

The device runs…

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I dont think im going to buy that for $399 i think I will stick to my portable cd player!

these 80mm players will be a sure buy as long as the price on standard smartcard portabels are way to high… :slight_smile: gimmie a 80mm playeR! :slight_smile:

I bought last week the freecom beatman, (the 8cm CD mp3 player)and he’s great, and cheap. :4

Interesting device. A bit pricey though, as it is a recorder and a player. A 8cm player can be had for much cheaper: Hopefully these size devices will catch on to bring down the price of the 8cm CD-R’s so I can stock up on them for my Mavica CD-1000 digital camera that also uses them :4