Imation Optodisc - 25-pack - $5.99

Radio Shack has 25-packs of Imation DVDs on sale for $5.99. While most stores seem to have cleaned out their Imation, Office Depot still has it, so I got some Optodisc 16x +Rs with a price match (all the spindles at RS were CMC). You can tell which spindles are Optodisc because they are made in Taiwan and have a Helvetica/Arial font (the others are CMC cakeboxes, and other spindles are made in India). This was an 8x burn w/BSRB and the defaults:

How long does the sale last? Though I have a feeling most if not all of them will be CMC… Still I wouldn’t mind the MII or the Optodisc.

Standard weekly sale. Ends Saturday.