Imation Media Markdowns at Office Depot

Office Depot has further reduced the nationwide B&M prices on Imation DVD media. The 100-pack is now $19.99, the 50-pack is now $9.99, and the 25-pack is $5.99. These are permanent markdowns available only in-store.

Here is how to differentiate what kind of media comes in an Imation spindle:

White or Light Grey Foam Spacer + Made In Taiwan = CMC MAG AM3 (-R) and CMC MAG M01 (+R)

Black or Dark Grey Foam Spacer + Made In Taiwan = OPTODISC R016 (-R) and OPTODISC R16 (+R)

Any Foam Spacer + Made in India = MBI 01RG40 (-R) and MBI PG101R05 (+R)

Any Foam Spacer + Made in Malaysia = DAXON 016S (-R) and DAXON AZ3 (+R)

its been on clearance for a while, so I guess this is the final markdown. I just received their $15 reward card. I am gonna go look for Optodisc spindle

Yes, it has been on clearance for long time, 3 or 4 weeks ago I bought 3 100 packs of Imation 16X -R for 8.88 each IIRC

Any markdowns you’ve seen before were store specific clearance prices, not available in every store. These are nationwide prices available everywhere. Office Depot has a two-track system now, which is different from in the past.

Yes, if you had a store-specific clearance of $18, and then there was a 50% off clearance items on top of that, you could have gotten them for $9.00, but that was your store. In my area, the prices were different. The prices I’m quoting above are universal for any stores that haven’t put the media on clearance yet.

I would like to add that Imation branded CMC media has LOCK-----OPEN in TNR font .

I also hope that other “quality” brands would reduce the regular prices :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up negritude, my OD had 5 or 6 100 pk. but only 2 were OPTODISC. Scored a 100 pk. and left one for the next CDfreak. By the way, some of the -R 100 packs looked as though they did not have a spacer on top or are my eyes going bad?

OK, here is how to find out the price in your area
go to
click on view cart
then enter your zip code
then click on pick up in store
then click on the store that you want (choose the store)
then click on continue shopping
then enter the item number in the search box
for DVD-R item #461844 for 50 pack spindle ($9.99 in SoCal)
For +R 100 pack spindle item #461690 ($19.99)
for -R 100 pack spindle item #461606 ($19.99)
for +R 50 pack spindle item #461914 for $9.99