Imation MCC 004 in UK

Hey guys,

It seems Imation is now rebranding MBI MCC 004 for some of their 16x +R discs. Sample below was in jewel case sold individually for 49p in Partners in current half-price promotion - pretty decent for the price :slight_smile:

Looks like something rained on the parade at about 2GB. I would think that it is just an isolated problem though, whatever caused it.

There’s no dust or anything on the disc surface, so it does seem isolated. I’d grab some if you can :slight_smile:

Nice, thanks for the heads-up, Kev - hopefully they’ll crop up somewhere other than Partners, 'cos we don’t have one here :wink:

They can also be MBIPG101 R05 though, and there are no indicators at all to differentiate between the two :frowning:

Pot luck then eh?

Yep :slight_smile: (still think MBIPG101 R05 is OK though)

49p per disc is pretty high though, you would be better off buying a 50-pack if verbs and some unbranded jewel cases off the net. Partners media has always been a rip-off though.

True - but I just wanted to test them as any true CDFreak would :stuck_out_tongue: