Imation (MBI) CD-R, any good experiences?

Hello to all!

Well today I decided to go out shopping an try to find some decent CD-R here where I live (Brazil).I ended up buying 2 units of whatever I could find, burning and checking the discs for c1 and c2 errors and then decide wich one is the best.
But, to my surprise the best scan I could get was with an Imation CDR, made by Moser Baer, ATIP 97m17s06f. I know (from what I’ve read around here) that Moser Baer is not a good cdr manufacturer, but in my case, its the best I could get (no, there are no TY’s or Verbatims AZO around here, actually, I couldn’t find any Cyanine Dye CD-Rs, only Phtalo!). What do you guys think about the scan? Anyone have any kind of experience with this media, and its durability?
What worries me the most is if my data will still be there after some years :rolleyes: … (I’m still a little shocked after finding out that many of my Ridata G04’S DVDs are unreadable after only a few months, and I dont want anything like this to happen to my CD-Rs…)

Thaks for any input! Oh, and by the way, CDFREAKS is an outstanding place for media information, been reading this forum for many months, although this is my firs post.

Looks pretty good to me…

Which other brands are available where you live?

I have the same discs, I get similar results and have had no problems, although I’ve only had them for about a year.

The Phyto… dye for CD-R is pretty standard, and can be one of the better ones. Moser Baer India (MBI) has come up with some fairly solid stuff in the DVD media department, and all their 4x DVD media scans I saw were very good to excellent. I have not seen a lot of their CD-R media, but this one with a Quality Score of 97 and only 9% jitter is excellent, and the best I’ve seen. If you store your media properly, it should last a very long time. You can keep it in CD/DVD wallets or jewel cases (if you use the cases, stack them vertically, or up/down), and keep the wallet or cases in a dark place that’s cool, out of direct sunlight, and also isn’t excessively humid. That way, you’ll help them last as long as possible. Otherwise, I know of no current longevity issues with Moser Baer India media, either DVD or CD-R

Well, actually my options are pretty limited. I’ll list all CD-Rs I could find, and their respective manufacturers:

1- Imation by Moser Baer
2- Sony Supremas by Sony Inc.
3- Kelpex by Sony. Inc.
4- Phillips 52X by CMC
5- Philips WINTER Edition by CMC
6- MasterG by CMC
7- Many different BenQs, all made by Daxon
8- Iomega 52X by CMC
9- Maxell by Ritek
10- Memorex by Ritek
11- Samsung PLEOMAX by Prodisc
12- Smartbuy by Prodisc
13- Princo by Princo
14- Elgin by unknown manufacturer
15- Multilaser by unknown manufacturer

To my surprise, all ritek I found (memorex and maxell) did not burn ok in my drive (LG 4163B), getting lots of C1 and high jitter (all of them were burned at 16x or 24x). Right now I’m making a quick test: I’m exposing both a Kelpex (Sony ATIP) and Imation (MBI ATIP, the one that i scanned and posted the results) to a UV source (they have been exposed, till now for an hour aproximately) and them I’ll rescan them to check if there are any major changes on the error rate (I plan on leaving them exposed for 2 more hours).
I decide to test these two because they gave me the best burn results, after burning all 15 different CDRs listed above.


Yes, I think the scan looks good too, I just hope it stays this way for at least some years hehehe… glad to know yu had no probs with MBI CD-Rs, cause its so hard to find decent CD-Rs around here…

Scan from Kelpex CD-R (with Sony ATIP), burned at 24X:

I’ve had good experiences with Imation CD-R, in general.

I bought 2 of the 100 pack Imation spindles quite a few years ago.

The first 100 pack spindle allowed me to overburn all the way up to around 770 Mb (as a Data CD) with no readability problems (similar to below).

The second spindle wasn’t as good as the first spindle. I couldn’t overburn on the second spindle (similar to below).

In terms of disc performance, both were very good.

I think the reason why the first spindle allowed me to overburn was because they just so happened to be made by CMC and also said Made in Taiwan on the packaging.

And surprise surprise, the second spindle was Made in India and manufactured by Moser Baer.

I’ve seen only one CMC style Imation cakebox recently. It said MIHK though. CMC must have outsourced since then.
I’ve run into both MIHK and MIC Prodiscs, and now the same with CMC.

Yeah that’s right.

The first Imation 100 pack spindle I bought said Made in Hong Kong on the cardboard packaging. That’s probably why they were slightly better than the Moser Baer, Made in India ones I bought afterwards.

MIHK better than MII?!

Thoughts please, this is interesting…

Going back to the original topic of MBI…I have some MBI TDKs here, which so far seem to be working a treat. If I can be bothered in awhile, I’ll burn a disc in CD-DVD Speed, and scan it on my BenQ (never scanned one of these before, so it’ll be interesting to me, anyway!).


After a 3 hour UV Light exposure the Imation MBI CD-R suffered almost no damage:

So how do you explain the overburn capabilities of the Hong Kong Imations? Bad media?

The India Moser Baer Imations just wouldn’t allow me to burn over the 703 Mb mark. It just wouldn’t have any of it.

Kelpex CD-R after 3 hour exposure (good also, but not as good as Imation by MBI):

Just a note: I also took the Multilaser CD-R by an unknown manufacturer and made the same exposure test. Before exposing it, there were no unreadable or damaged sectors using Scandisc. After the exposure, 12% of the disc was damaged!!! Seems like this manufacturer is pretty bad!!!

If you could do it for me, i’d like to see the results too, since Benq CD-Rs are widely available around here, although I didn’t like the burn results with them…

Wow, no offence meant, I was just surprised…guess I forgot the smiley :slight_smile:

@bsgd - sorry, I should have been more clear - the MBI discs I have are TDK branded. I meant I was gonna scan it on my BenQ :slight_smile:


Sorry, my mistake… that’s what happens when you reply to the forum while talking on the phone!!! Sorry, you were very clear, but I didn’t pay much attention :doh: .

90% of the TDKs I can find around here are made by CMC, never got a chance to test one by MBI…

I kind of like CMC…all my “everyday” use CDRs are CMC :slight_smile:

Anyway, here’s the scan and TRT…TRT’s good, but the scan could be much better. They playback lovely in my players though (I use these for audio).

@[B]Arachne[/B] : Have you tried burning the same CD using your LG 4163?? Don’t know if you still have this burner, saw it in your sig. , cause in my experience my LG burns CDs a lot better than my Benq 1655, especially these low quality CD-Rs…

Hehe, no I haven’t, I don’t think (and yeah I do still have the burner, but it’s not installed at the moment). Good idea though, and I’m rather fond of it’s burning abilities too, it’s a lovely drive apart from not being able to scan! :smiley:

The 4163 is probably my favourite drive, but I took it out to prolong it’s life a little, hehe :wink: