Imation introduces its new double layer DVD+R media

I just posted the article Imation introduces its new double layer DVD+R media.

Imation Corp a worldwide
leader in removable data storage media, today introduced its new double layer
DVD+R media '” the industry’s next advancement in DVD technology to meet the…

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OMG! 1.16Billion for some Dl media that’s uttrely outrageous. What! oh you mean it doesn’t really cost that much?It just feels like it. :slight_smile:

I am really interested in how much this DL media will cost, maybe they are cheap enough that I will buy them… hopefully…

i bet this media will start out above 10bucks each… waaaay too much for most folks.

yes i fear this too… but still hope that the will be much cheaper… although I would need to say that 10 would be the cheapest price still until now… but much too expensive… I mean why should I pay more than the double price of a single layer dvd for a dual layer dvd?? I then can go and buy two single layer dvds and split data on those two before I buy the dual layer…

This will most likely be either rebadged Ritek or RICOH DVD+R DL media.

Yeah but DL is about convenience my friend. You could also split the data onto 15 cd’s and then you wouldn’t need a dvd burner at all. By the time this Imation DL comes out the price will have come down quite a bit more. They say it will be released Q4. To give you an example, here in Australia Verbatim Dl came out at 18 each but now you can get them for 12 each and also Mitsubishi for around 10. This is only after one month or so of being introduced.

Imation should not mix up the words Dual and Double as they do in the press release. The official term according to the RW Allience is DOUBLE Layer, to avoid creating confusion about the present Dual (+/-) burners that are not able to burn Double Layer Media. Not all consumers are aware of the fact that you have to buy a new burner that supports DL burning. (or install new firmware that supports DL burning: NEC 2500 for example )

Ritek Europe?

Yes, RITEK Europe : Our company, Conrexx Technology is the European subsidairy of the RITEK Corporation. We are based in the Netherlands.