Imation IMWDVRW16DLI drive (1673S)

Hi guys,

I got the above drive. I have downloaded the FW to

I wonder if I should upgrade to the OEM FW or Teac’s? or the 1673@1693?

Please advise…

If you don’t need to burn -R DL, then the latest JS07 firmware should perform about the same as KS04. JS07 is the latest firmware available for the 1673S (it’s about two months newer than what the JSI1 that you have). If you want to do 1673S@1693S, I’d actually suggest going with the Sony 800A KY03 firmware because it’s currently the latest firmware available for the 73S/93S drives…

But if your drive with the Imation firmware is working just fine as-is, there really isn’t much of a pressing need to upgrade…

yes… i am having some CD /VCD reading problem with the dvd drive.
My plextor 4012TA has no problem reading those cds though…

man… why does this has to happen?

strange… problem solved when i updated with 1693S.KS04.patched-cf-sonyid_800A.exe

Now i can those cds which i can’t previously… :iagree:

where u get this file >> 1693S.KS04.patched-cf-sonyid_800A.exe
or other like 1693S.KS04 r same ??
I have a same dvd writer as u… but after i flash it to 1693S.KS04, my Imation dvd writer led light keep blinking … i have follow the intro and try step by step… i m still cant flash it success, but still not work… I m using the omnipatcher 2.4.2.

Hi there,

Seems like you have a bad flash there.
I have just uploaded the file at

Try to download it and flash again. And then reboot to see if your drive work again.

get the firmware here:

it’s from the original codeguys site.

Thanks guy !!! I m already flash it and finally success!!

So which did u use? The 800A or the KS0A?

Hi guys, I have the same drive IMWDVRW16DLI and it does not read any CDs. No issue on DVDs, Which firmware do I flash? I tried 1693S.KS04 and it’s led light keep blinking.
Please guide …

Please convert your drive’s EEPROM to a 1693S EEPROM with the EEPROM tool, then reflash with 1693S firmware. :slight_smile:
If it still doesn’t read CDs, then it might be that the laser has died. You might need a new drive then.