Imation IMW16DL84

Hello, I wonder whether you can help regarding firmware
for this DVD burner which I suspect/believe is rebadged
LiteOn but I don’t know which model. I used LtnFW to
backup the firmware (the zipfile is too big too attach).
Thanks for your help :iagree:

Sorry, the model number should be IMW16DL84I

What’s the firmware version?

>What’s the firmware version?

It is: PSI1

It resembles the 160P6S firmwares since they start with a PS** as well. Is this a new drive? I didn’t think Imation was in the business of rebadging optical drives anymore and their website had no information either. If it’s indeed a -6S drive, then using XSF flasher would completely extract the firmware, as LtnFW was used for -3S and older drives.

Thanks for your reply, KTL.

The vendor specific date on the Imation burner is 2006/03/15.
I tried to back up the firmware using

XSF 4 w a.bin

on the assumption that this would write the bios to the file.
But I got the response

No PCI 9050 serial chip
BIN file not found

The alternative interpretation is that the command is to
write the BIOS from a.bin, so I tried instead

XSF 4 r a.bin

This brought up the the second screen with choice of
FLASH/READ/QUIT. I wasn’t game to try FLASH, READ
didn’t copy anything to the file, so I QUIT.

Can you give me some help on using XSF to backup the firmware?