Imation i-crystal DVD-R (Made in Taiwan)

Imation i-crystal DVD-R (Made in Taiwan)

I recently bought this media after lot of scouting(pls don’t suggest TY or Verbatim - In India, we dont find them :slight_smile: )

Nero disc-info show Media code as

Is this a quality disc. Can it be a reliable option

Thanks in advance for your replies

CMC media should be stable, but AM3 is their 16x media, and their 16x media has been rather inconsistant and is not supported by older burners.
So why not just try some? You could post scans :flower:

I would suggest burning CMC MAG AM3 at 8x, or max 12x, as they have performed well for me at those speeds. Going solely by the stability of previous CMC media personally, I would think they are OK, but try to use 2 different discs for important stuff.

I have an LG-H42N, which doesn’t scan, else i would have posted the scan results…

Has anyone used media of this Media ID and could tell, if its a good and reliable media
How do they stack up with quality of TY or Verbatims

In my experience, CMC MAG. AM3 is more picky about which burner is used to record it than e.g. Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden DVD media.

But with the right burner and a good batch of CMC MAG. AM3 you can get nice results. For me, my Pioneer DVR-112D/L and BenQ DW1655 have been best for this media. I don’t have an LG drive.

It’s too soon for me to comment on long term stability of this media.