Imation DVD-R?

Just saw a 100-piece spindle of Imation DVD-R in a local MediaMarkt for a good price (comes out at someting like 35 cents a piece) and wondered what people’s experience has been with the brand?

Any ideas?


More than likely it’s CMC Magnetics manufactured, and among the some of the poorest media available.

Given the fact that the following media, while only 8X rated, burns at 12-16X in most people’s writers, and ALWAYS produces good, RELIABLE burns, I feel that in reality, it’s actualy the CHEAPEST media available. (If you have to make several redundant backups on cheap media to have SOME comfort that you’ll still have working copys 1 or 2 years from now, you’re actualy spending ALOT more on media.)

If you’re in the USA, this is what I suggest:

100 piece -R:

50 Piece -R:

100 Piece +R:

50 Piece +R:

They also have -R media rated at 16X, but I haven’t gotten any yet as I get scans like this with 8X rated TY burned at 16X on my NEC ND-3500:

It doesn’t get much better than that! Check out I’m in NO way affiliated with Rima, I, just like many others here, feel they are perhaps the very BEST supplier of genuine T/Y unbranded media, adn if I’m not mistaken, they are the only ones CERTIFIED to distribute TY unbranded media in the USA. (Newegg may have recently been certified to offer it too though, I’m not certain.)

Hope this turns out to be everything you actualy NEED to know about blank media. I’ts all I need to know. :wink:



mega-thanks for the really exhaustive reply - some of the things I knew, some didn’t BUT … I’m not in the US (Poland, instead) and do not seem to ship internationally. I guess I will have to hunt for some local dealers of Tayio.

One way or another - I got my answer! Thanks!


way to go on recruiting another TY user.

Woa, was looking at those TY links and stumbed on 16X TYG03 ! :slight_smile:

Now that sounds “tasty” to me! I did not know TY had 16X media out yet.
Wonder how these would work on a Pioneer 108 or 109 based drive?

Hmmmm, yeah, that’s a little tougher. There’s a good source for TY media in Germany. Aside from that, be VERY careful about who you buy TY media from in europe! There’s a big problem with FAKE TY media there at the moment!

What can I say. TY works first time, every time. Like I say, media that doesn’t FAIL is media that saves you money.

Price differance on the 16X isn’t too steep either. But like I said, with scans like the one above @ 16X on 8X rated media, I’ll keep using the 8X to save a bit. I can’t WAIT until the new FW is released for the 3500!

BTW, I should really point out that the burn at 16X was actualy kind of a mistake. I actualy USUALY limit the burn speen to 12X on the T02 media. I’m all about high quality. The extra minute and a half or two minutes to burn a disk doesn’t matter to me nearly as much as having an extremely high quality burn.


I agree that changes things quite a bit. However, I would definitely look around for other media before buying Imation. I think you can do better for the money. :wink: