Imation DVD+R DL

Imation DVD+R DL
Media code: MKM 001
Made in Singapore
How good is this media?

It’s basically the same as the Verbatim DVD+DL 2,4x rated media posted elsewhere in the forum. The best DL I know so far.

If I remember correctly the burning speed was 4x and not 2.4x (using Pioneer DVR-RW DVR-108). Is this normal?

Yes, MKM001 based media can be speed-overburnt up to 8x with really good drives and getting good quality.
There are new DL+ media out rated at 8x.

MKM are excellent. BTW how much are these Imation discs?

How much are they and Where did you get them? Here is a scan of a Verbatim done on my 716A @ 2.4X

i don’t how about other countries, but here (czech republic) is no difference in price