Imation dvd drive nightmare

Hi there,
I am a newbie here so please be gentle whilst I ask my stupid question!! hehehe. I presume that this may have been answered before so I apologise in advance and hope someone can put me in the right direction.

I have an Imation DVD+R/RW DL drive Internal DVD Burner

I used to be able to burn cd’s and copy DVD’s, but now it does not.
It plays cd’s and dvd’s fine through PowerDVD and Win Media Player. I just can’t burn anything.

Nero determines the write speed ok, but when it comes to actual burning dvd it stops and I can hear the blank disc whirling and stopping and whirling until after 2 mins it tells me that the burn failed with a drive error.

For CD
Once again Nero determines the write speed, but same issue with the actual burning with the whirling and stopping but the error message says drive not ready.

I have tried to unistall and reinstall the dvd drive but to no avail.

I am running WinXP SP2 and have Nero 6 Ultra. I have checked the firmware and it is YSI3, but doing an internet search doesn’t give me any options to upgrade. So I don’t know what is wrong. All IDE cables and connectors are correctly inserted.

Can anyone help??

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

When Nero fails on another CD/DVD burn, can you post the error log that it prompts you to save?

That’ll go a long way to nailing the problem. Be sure to remove your serial number from the log first. :slight_smile:

A Nero InfoTool output might be handy as well.

We do need the model type and firmware version. And what software your using to do the burn and how old is your burner drive. How do you have it configured on the motherboard slave or master? What is your DMA settings? And if you can a error posting of what the error says.