Imation dual-layer DVD media: Who makes them?

i am Not able to find Verb DVD DL MIS in my Area now,there seem to be a Shortage :rolleyes: looks as though there is some Cdfreak in my area :wink:

i am Able to Find Imation

something Similar like that one in walk in store

Are These MKM 001,MIS as Reported here ?

Any idea who makes DL Disc for Imation ?

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hope somebody can help me out atleast now :frowning:

VideoHelp reports at least two different media codes for Imation 2.4x DVD+R DL and one for Imation 8x DVD+R DL.

MKM 001


MKM 001 is as Same as the Verb MIS right ?

MKM 001 is the 2.4x Verbatim DVD+R DL. It doesn’t have to be MIS though, there are also MII DLs.