Imation CD-R

I like to buy Imation CD+R. Very few coasters, and CD’s are still working fine after 9+ years. I like the plain writing surface, too.

Here I’ve learned about MID codes and branded CD’s. I buy my Imation CD’s at or Am I getting a decent product? A product reliable enough to store client data for 5-10 years? I’ll be starting a business within the year and would like to know.

I have some i got from Staples and they are CMCMAG. To me they are good giveaways. I use Taiyo Yuden’s. You get them from Sam’s Club under the name Maxell Music but make sure they say Made In Japan on the upc label.

CD+R? :smiley:

Anyway…I had Imation CDRs many moons ago, they too were CMC made. Lasted about 2 years (maybe a bit longer) I think, but then my handling habits weren’t too good. :wink:

The discs were Made in Hong Kong, though. LOL :bigsmile:

I had some Imation CD-Rs (CMCMAG) I used for work stuff. Burned in 1999, tried to extract the data last year, and they were no good anymore. They were stored in a desk drawer in a jewel case and yet the top was discolored. There’s a post of mine about it in here somewhere…

Anyway, I wouldn’t trust them for long term storage… I reburn my stuff about every 18 months now.

Imation-branded CD-Rs are not always made by CMC (MIT). They can also be made by RiTEK (MIT), Daxon (MIM) or Moser Baer (MII).

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I have some Imation branded CD-R with Daxon MID (made in Malaysia) and they burn fine. Nevertheless I wouldn’t like to have just one copy of important data. I would at least have 3 versions of the same data: on cd, dvd and external hard drive and store them at different places.

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Not all the CMC Imation CDRs were MIT. See my post above. :wink:

Imation doesn’t have its own optical media technology. Imation changes outsourcing on a regular basis, you never know what you’ll buy next.

Besides, quality of imation-branded discs of the same MID has varied too much for my taste recently. I think there is no guarantee whatsoever that if you have a good experience with some of their blanks, this will repeat itself with the next buy. :disagree: I have the feeling they’re falling at the Memorex and TDK level these days. :sigh: :rolleyes:

I think it’s an OK brand for everyday use or givaway. But for important stuff, backups, archiving etc… I certainly wouldn’t recommend them.

You are correct. Some of the current CMC and RiTEK CD-Rs, irrespective of the brand name on the discs, are MIC.

Imation CDR’s = :Z

when I think about all the important files I lost on them years ago before I even KNEW they were deteriorating…BAH! My own fault, to be sure, not to have had a duplicate-backup regimen in place…but still…

never…Never…NEVER again!!!

just my opinion! :wink:

Hi – interesting discussion! Thanks for the welcome. I gather I made a mistake about CR+R and CD-R. What I mean is that the CD’s I use can be burned to just once. I avoid RW’s.

PS: How much are those Maell Music Taiiyo-Yuden’s costing you at Sam’s Club? We don’t have a Sam’s Club here. :frowning: I wonder if I could get them online?

I paid $16.33 +tax in store for 75 pk.