Imation CD-R media made in Malaysia?

I used Imation CD-R media made in Taiwan in the past that proved quite reliable, but never Imation CD-R media made in Malaysia. Has anyone tried these?

Malaysian CD-Rs are most likely made by Daxon. They are decent.

Is Daxon also the manufacturer for SONY CD-R? I always had problems with SONY CD-R, which failed after a few months of storage.

Depends, sony use a number of manufacturers. Is it Made in Japan, Taiwan etc?

I’ve used BenQ CD-R which are daxon, they worked fine. Cheaper than CMC and work just as well IMO. I only really used them for data though.

Probably in Taiwan. Most of the Sony CD-R media I burned the last few years have failed. And I am talking about CD-R that were used for storage and never used.

There have been reports of the sony “supremas” degrading I think. The top layer is very crap on some of them and they die. Someone else might have more info about them.

Yes, I think they were “supremas” (the ones that you could leave finger prints on the top just by touching).

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I have two different versions of the Supremas Sony discs: The type with the shiny top coating [the ones you couldn’t leave fingerprints on] and the kind with the papery/frosted coating [the ones that you could leave fingerprints on]. I know for a fact that the older ones with the shiny coating–burned 3 years ago or more–still work & read at the maximum speed. I believe that my frosted top Sony discs are still working; however, I have no quality scans to back this up, so I can’t say in how bad of a shape they are.

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& Sony 4x 700 MB CD-RW media with the Daxon ATIP is actually pretty good when you take the above into consideration. I’ve rewritten one only 5 to 10 times, but it is still easily read in my picky portable CD player. & no C2 errors like with my super-old Sony 4x 650 MB CD-RW with the Infosmart ATIP.

I have used alot of the Daxon (Benq) CD-R and they are very good.

…Sony 4x 650 MB CD-RW with the Infosmart ATIP.

WOW :eek: ! That is something new for me :eek:

He probably meant Infodisc…

Same here
I had that problem 2 years ago and burn error more than 30% ( Above 48X )
that was totally junk :a

I don’t like the Supremas either because the top layer is rather delicate at least from my experience.
And 4x Sony is Infodisc right now. Market leader, but not great at all.