Imation CD-R 48x 700MB/80min?


I found this: Imation CD-R 48x 700MB/80min, on the Staple’s website. I’ve heard that Imation discs are manufactured by RICHO Japan in Japan, is this true? So does this mean that the quality is excellent compared to Memorex (currently manufactured by Prodisc and sometimes by CMC).

Second question: the memorex discs that I use produce bad quality audio when burned at 8x but work perfectly when I burn at 16x. Why is that?

Imation are like Intenso , made by Moser Baer India, which is pure crap

Where did you hear that about RICOH CD-R ? I have not seen any RICOH CD-R in the USA recently at all. I highly doubt that you would get any in an Imation package and I highly doubt that you could find any type of made in Japan RICOH media, since Ritek Taiwan produces media for RICOH nowadays.

The Imation CD-R that I have is made by CMC, and works just fine.

@second question: As you’ve discovered firsthand, some discs just burn better at higher speeds depending on the dye and/or write strategy of the burner.

Moser Baer CD-R is actually pretty good from my own experience.
I have some Office Depot brand Moser Baer CD-R, which burns well in a range of writers.

Thanks. I live in Canada now, so I guess I’ll have to check out Moser. @ Office Depot.