Imation CD Burn-R



My Imation CD Burn-R 12x10x32 won’t record properly…It comes with, you guessed it, Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4.02. Which doesn’t even see my Recorder, so you have to download the patch. Which installs the wrong ASPI version, I run the patch for that, and it says that it doesn’t see any Adaptec software. I’ve reinstalled it, dumped it, everything…So I downloaded Real Jukebox which installs the proper ASPI drivers. And it (Easy CD) worked for a while in Win98_SE, but not in Win2k…So I got CDRWin 4.0 and it sees my recorder, in 2000 too. But it gives me the same problem as Easy CD…It starts making the disk and gets like 10% into it and gives me either a write error or a buffer error…A little System Info: Duron 850, 256MB RAM, dual boot (controlled by Win2k): 98_SE; 2000, Maxtor 46.1GB; 7200RPM; ATA100 HDD. Does anybody have any kind of idea what the problem might be…?? I’m nearing the end of my rope. The manufacturers’ web sites aren’t very helpful. Thanks, crazzzy


Is DMA checked on your machine?? How long has it been burning drink coasters??


It’s only been about a week and a half…I just burned like 30 backup copies for my buddy not even two weeks ago…And Yes DMA is checked…Any thing further…?? :confused:


Do you know anybody else who has a pc that you could test the drive in? Test it in another pc, and see if the same thing happens there. If it does then its probably hardware based, if it doesnt that it might be a problem with the software, if the problems re-occurs throughout all the different applications then there could be a problem with one of the Aspi’s. My suggestion would after you figure out if its not hardware related would be remove the software. Nero is a bit picky with EZcd on the same machine(but you didnt mention it). I did a upgrade from 98 to 2k on my pc to see what would happen and nothing that burnt a cd worked properly without upgrading the drivers and the programs being upgraded.


I forgot to mention that if it still under warranty, thats an option of returning it and getting a new one.