Imation black x40

Officeworks in Adelaide have black imation disc x40 speed $17.95 20pk has anyone tried them who makes them and how compatable are they on a liteon 482448 cdrw


Most, if not all, the “black” cdr’s are Ritek. Same as the Memorex black 40x. Decent stuff if kept to a reasonable burn speed.

The Imations are CMC, which is rubbish, junk, garbage!!! :Z

Yes, Imation black is CMC.

Most everyone makes black discs nowadays, including Ritek, Prodisc, CMC, and even Auvistar!

i know this thread is kinda old… but for what its worth. if you are talking about the read/write side of disk being the black tinted plastic . i would personally stay away from them. i have had problems with them reading in some drives. i imagine due to the fact that it has to read through the dark tint. i know this cuz i copied from dark tint to regular clear disk and the drive read it just fine. prob most newer drives would not have prob with it. but never know.

kinda like the “cool” tinted headlight covers that just make your headlights darker so you cant see where you are going at night :slight_smile: LOL just had to throw that one in there.