Imation announces increased CD prices

I just posted the article Imation announces increased CD prices.

As we earlier reported, CD-R prices will increase. Other magazines already reported that the prices may go up by 350%. Today also Imation has announced increased CD prices.

Officials at…

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I don’t know if this is hype, but I’m not taking any chances. Compusa had 100 disks for $15 so I bought 400. Still looking for bulk Black-Cdr’s.

I’m going to show my ignorance here, what is different about black cdr’s are they used for music? Sorry I know I should use the forum. :wink:

As far as I know…they only difference is they are black on the bottom. =) (psx uses black*) * - at an angle in bright light, its red.

They did the same thing with memory. Closed factories and prices went up. But after a month or so of rising prices, memory is now the cheapest ever.

stvastva - you should check out Staples stores. If you don’t mind sending in rebates, Staples has had sales on PNY 16X 100 disc cakebox for $28 - $20 rebate (about $.09 US per disc!) but it is not advertised on website, you have to get the sale flyer from the store. They have been very aggressive with sales and rebates in the past months. They had 200 disc box for $45 - $45 rebate a few months ago (damn - I missed it). :frowning:

Imation is FAR from “realible, cost effective, high quality”. One of the worst discs around = manufactured by CMC Magnetic :r

nah… i buyed me a 10 pieces box of 16x certified Imation, and man they rocks ! (360 BF) those that are in slim jewel box; they’re great quality to me, even plextor recomand it with plexy 16/40, wich i own…