Imation announces availability of their HD-DVD media

I just posted the article Imation announces availability of their HD-DVD media.

 After announcing  availability of Blu-ray discs, Imation announces now availability of HD-DVD  media.       CERRITOS, Calif., Aug. 15 /CNW/ -- Memorex, the leading brand of        optical media...
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did someone say “Imation”?? well, all i see is “Memorex” all over the place ?? sorry guys, seems ur coming with the wrong brand :stuck_out_tongue: anyway, i wish it was Imation for real… Memorex SUCKS!!! anyway… waiting for someone to test this media then… i still can’t afford a HD-DVD writer… not even a DVD-RW these days… hopefully some OEM Manufacturer is gonna give us, the loyal fellows of CDFreaks, a HD-DVD burner to play with :b:B that would be a nice and clever move from them :X well… and for now… ALL THE WAY HD-DVD!!!

Imation bought Memorex a few months ago so it is actually Imation here. It seems they promptly got rid of Memorex’s CEO too :

I’d rather here TY’s or Verbatim’s coming out. I won’t buy any of this cheap media…:frowning:

DAMN!!! Imation to buy Memorex!!! the WORST step ever in Imation’s history!!!.. i’m no more buying Imation :c:c:c

sometimes even el cheapo medias do better than ty or verbatim…only problem is that the quality varies too much though it has gotten better