Imation announces availability of their Blu-ray media

I just posted the article Imation announces availability of their Blu-ray media.

Imation Gets Down to Business with Its
Highly-Anticipated Blu-ray Discs
Thursday July 13, 8:00 am
ET New high-definition format offers five
times the data storage…

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Again I say too much hype and not enough action, due to all the delays.:frowning:

delays??? They are out what delay is there? Maybe your thinking of HD-DVD’s?

I will never buy anything related to Memorex brand. Whether dvd or cd-rw they were all utter crap. And yes, u can get bd-r now, TDK made in japan for the same 20 bucks. I wonder had i had a writer, even for free, what would i use them for anyway? If free movie backup will not be allowed, then I can only think of TV serials in XVID. So guess i’ll wait for a proper :slight_smile: standalone player.

@ psychoace I keep hearing delays on media (blank) and writer drives.

??? you can backup whatever movie you have onto it no matter if it’s xvid or a .ts there is no drm in burning All have them in stock so there is no delay

Thanks for the links. I’m always willing to eat crow…:B

psychoace - Are you a PR guy for Blu-Ray? :d

No I just have free time on my hand while at work :). I also just like to keep people informed and not have misinformation being taken as truth. I try to keep people educated.

650MB CD-R blank disks were much cheaper than 100MB HDDs in the early 1990s. A Mitsui or Kodak CD-R was available for just a few USDs even then while a 100MB HDD cost at least US$200. Now a Philips Blu-Ray 25GB write-once disk cost US$17 while a 300GB SATA II HDD cost US$80. The entertainment industry has worked for so long to kill the optical dstorage industry to the point even FLASH MEMORY chip cards sometimes may compete against CD’s or DVD’s or Blu-Ray’s.

They’re late behind the 8 ball!

They’re late behind the 8 ball!
[](’re late behind the 8 ball!