Imation 8X DVD+R WORK ON 5005?



Just received a batch of 8X imation dvd+r discs .Do they work ok on 5005? Before I open them.It didnt say 8X on the advert and I never thought to ask!


I’ve been using TDK and Memorex 8x cd+rs with no problem, so I imagine you will have no trouble with Imitation.


Barnburner…you did mean DVD’s right? Not CDR’s…


In answer to my original question…Imation 8X dvd+R work fine on the 5005.
£9.99 for 25 +£2.50 postage,P.C.WORLD online (cheaper than Argos).
Other offers i’ve seen are;
Maxell (-r) 25 for £9:99 inc
MEMOREX (-R) 25 FOR £8:99 MORRISONS(Supermarket).I wouldn’t know if they’re good media for the 5005.
I know you can get Datawrite and ritek etc.cheaper but the 5005 has a reputation for being a bit choosey!