Imation 8/20 External & Cdrwin?



I just grabbed a external Imation 8/20 and I’m having problems when I burn with Cdrwin 3.8a and 3.7. Whats happening is both Cdroms in my house are having a hard time reading them they lockup my systems trying to read them.
If I use My old Phillips CDD 2600 no problems at all.
I’m using Verbatim 8x cdr and Pacific Digital 8x 80min cdr.
I’ve tryed reflashing the bios a bunch of times with all differnt ver of there firwares same problem tryed hooking it to my 2940uw and now with the 2930c that came with it.
I’m thinking now that the drive is bad and I’m trying to talk Imation into sending me a new one.
so my question is anyone else out there Having problems like this?
Maybe theres something about this drive and it don’t work with Cdrwin?
I’d hate to have them send me out a second one just to have to same problem?
Cuz I can still get my $$ back localy but none left to swap me out a new one localy.