Imation 4x DVD-R CMC MAG. AF1 Printable Quality

I have a chance to buy some of these “CHEAP”.

I think from browsing around the media is pretty good but is the print
quality ok?

If anyone has some pic’s or even quality scans please post them or IM me.


Ok I will bump this one time :slight_smile:

Does anyone happen to have any scans of CMC MAG. AF1 using a BenQ 1655 or
LG 4163B??

I would really appreciate it.


Sorry MegaDETH…4163B (check), and plenty of other CMC media (E01, AM3, M01)…just no AF1 :frowning:

This one is close (burned on a BenQ DW1650):

That’s ok you can’t have every media made :wink:

I can get 200 printable’s for $25 us, I guess if they were real crap someone would have spoke up by now so I think I will get them anyway.

I’ve used AF1 from brands besides Imation, burned nicely.

Imation DVD+R 4X (made in Taiwan)
Mirror Band: CPDR47G-CAFWP01-336 0502
Inner Hub Serial: PAD6371D09151535 5

Burned with:
BenQ DW1640 OEM (made in China)
Firmware: BSPB
SolidBurn on
Burned at 4x

Transfer rate in this case isn’t so nice, but IIRC most of the discs from this spindle had a good TRT.

MegaDETH was asking about CMC MAG. AF1 - not F01. :wink:

Apparently I can’t read… feel free to delete both my posts! :o

Should be interesting to see what speeds SolidBurn can pump these out yet.

My only AF1 scan - a Memorex. This was a spectacularly good result for my LiteOn 401S@811S :bigsmile: . Sorry for the poor screenshot (had to resize the .png).