Imation 48x media

I saw these at Best Buy and had to try some out. They appear to be re-labeled 32x media, at least they perform that way. Errors all over the place, and very inconsistant. They’re even worse than the no-label SpinX 32x that I have. Even at 40x they are very marginal.

Well, that is normal with CMC Magnetics CD-R discs. Imation = made by CMC Magnetics.

Well I bought them just to have some cheap media to play with, but they are not even good 32x media. Hard to image a company could care so little about quality as to re-package 32x or maybe even 24x media as 48x.
On the positive side, Best Buy is now well stocked with 40x Fuji.

actually, Fuji 40x in Bestbuy is a repackage 24x :bigsmile: , but no big deal, since it made by TY.

Need to nip this rumor inthe bud. .It is NOT repackaged 24x. They appear to be re-using old packaging on new media.

All of the companies are recycling the packaging (not the discs, now). This is called c-o-n-s-e-r-v-a-t-i-o-n.

I wouldn’t beat down Imation. It appears to be an assembly line problem rather than all of their discs.

Go out and buy some more, I can guarentee every spindle will be different than from the last.

Sometimes you get good spindles, sometimes you get bad.
I also noticed that Imation’s are very sensitive to light, keep them away from any windows or flourescent light. I keep all my CDR’s, no matter which brand, inside my desk cabinet now.

I use to keep them on my dresser by a window, and the Imation’s would always seem to have bad luck when exposed to a lot of light.

This could be your problems.

I assure youthat imations will never again darken my door. Why botherwhaen there is REAL high speed media available for the same or lower prices?

Real high speed media?
I believe it is all real, unless the media your talking about is in fairly land and you’re imagining it. :slight_smile:

Buy whichever media you want. I don’t care.
I was offering my “euros” worth.

“Real” high speed media is that which has been made to be burned at high speeds, not cheapo crap that can’t even be burned at low speed without errors. I’ve tried the imation “40x” media as low as 24x and still see unacceptable error rates, mostly beyond the 65 min mark. Compared to TY, it’s like night and day.

How are you measuring the type of errors your getting and what kind of errors are you talking about?

Originally posted by OlympusXP
[B]I can guarentee every spindle will be different than from the last.

Sometimes you get good spindles, sometimes you get bad[/B]

That is what scares me the most. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not taking a chance. Let Imation go out of business… if they were still 3M, you would probably see much higher levels of quality. :frowning:

Strangely enough their CD-RWs seem to be OK. (going on 2 yrs old)

There’s a utility around for doing C1 and C2 scans on Lite-On drives… though in a lot of cases CMC is bad enough to trigger a ton of C2 errors past the 65min mark (Sony also) that CD Speed’s quality check would be enough to use.