Imation 16x dvd+r MBIPG101-R05



I’m new to media testing, so I’d appreciate your help.
I bought Imation 16x dvd+r media, because they’re on sale ($7 for a 25 spindle), I can’t afford to buy expensive media, so I hope they’re ok for saving divx movies. They work in my standalone dvd player, but I noticed some deformity and freezing at some frames (not sure if its the media or the saved file itself to blame though). I also noticed that, while burning a data disk, Nero was saying ‘writing at 6X’ or ‘writing at 7X’ I wonder if that’s normal? I thought it should write at 16x as it says in the media face…
Here is what dvd identifiier says:

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD+R:MBIPG101-R05-001]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD+R] - [Not Available]
Manufacturer Name : [Moser Baer India Ltd.]
Manufacturer ID : [MBIPG101]
Media Type ID : [R05]
Product Revision : [001]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,295,104 Sectors = 4.70 GB (4.38 GiB)]
Recording Speeds : [1x-2.4x , 4x , 6x-8x , 6x-16x]

[ DVD Identifier V5.0.1 - ]

Now’ how do I test their quality? I just downloaded Nero CD-dvd speed 4.7
I used a blank media, Ceate disc, and I’ve attached the result.
What does thoise graphs mean please? and what else should I do and attach so you can help me reach averdict on those disks, and whether to buy more of them or not.
Many thanks in advance.


here is a banchmark for a recorded disk


Disk Quality test (I hope someone please explain these numbers and graphs, as I don’t understand what they mean, and how they compare to other media)
Are those disks reliable for archiving?


The Read Rransfer Test (benchmark) should be smooth from start to finish, and since it isn’t this isn’t a particularly good result.

You can also perform “Disc Quality” scanning with your BenQ drive, which you can read about in many threads but these two in particular:

CD-DVD Speed Disc Quality (PI/PIF) Test (Media Testing/Identifying Software forum)

Interpreting PI/PO error scans (Blank DVD Media Tests forum)

There’s also a comprehensive guide on using Nero CD-DVD Speed but it deliberately doesn’t try to explain how to interpret PIE/PIF results:

CD-DVD Speed - A user guide

Since I think your questions have more to do with getting your media burns to work than it has to do with media testing as such, I’m moving your thread to the Blank Media parent forum.

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That quality scan or the TRT aren’t good IMO. And coupled with playback problems (freezing etc) - first thing would be maybe to try burning them at 8x or 12x and see how you get on.


I have similar results at 12x and above speeds with my Staples MBIPG101-R05.

They do seem to burn acceptable at 8x, give that a try.


I had exactly the same problem with my Imation branded MBIPG101 R05 discs, aswell as Imation and FujiFilm branded MBI 01RG40 and MBI 03RG40.


Thanks MegaDETH for your tip. I’ve burned same content to another Imation disk, this time with writing speed of 4x, and here are the results…


That’s better. Can you do a TRT (Transfer Rate Test, like the one you posted in post #2) of that last 4x disc? :slight_smile:


That is acceptable and the Jitter is low! I will have to try 4x myself…


Sure Arachne, here is a TRT of the 4x disc


Thanks sallam, you don’t have to run “all” the tests each time (unless you want of course :), you can just select Transfer Rate Test, it will save you some time.


I’ve burned same content in another Imation disc, this time with writing speed of 8x, and here are the results… (first TRT gave funny graphs, so I’ve repeated that test, thinking maybe something went wrong in my computer or something, but the second TRT also showed strange drops…
(I appreciate if you’d kindly give me a brief analysis of all these figures and what they mean), many thanks…


and btw, the slowest for 16x discs in nero options, it seems, is 4x…how do I set nero to burn at speed of 2x? or is that impossible?


The burn speeds are dictated by the firmware in your drive, and if the firmware doesn’t have a strategy for burning slower than 4x then there’s no way to force it.

The slowest defined burn speed for DVD+R media is 2.4x BTW and not 2x.


Thanks DrageMester, I have to settlle for 4x then.
Do you think the 4x results are good? I compared it to the ones I’ve been using (Sony DVD_RW 4x: INFODISC A10) and Imation proved to be way much better.
What about all these terms…PI errors, PI failures, PO failures, Jitter? what do they mean? or paerhaps a link to explain it…


The Quality Scan of the 4x burn looks good and the TRT is also much better than for the faster burns (although not perfect).

What about all these terms…PI errors, PI failures, PO failures, Jitter? what do they mean? or paerhaps a link to explain it…
See the links in my post #4 above in this thread.

Parity Inner and Parity Outer are the Error Correction Code dimensions for DVDs, with Parity Inner being used first and if that fails then Parity Outer is tried instead (simplified explanation).

If you really REALLY want to know, look at the relevant ECMA specifications such as e.g. Chapter 13 in ECMA-349.


About the [I]transfer rate tests[/I] above, I’m having second thougts…

@[B]sallam[/B]: could you go to CDSpeed options, set the priority to [I]real-time[/I], and re-run a transfer rate test of the 8X burn? :slight_smile:
Even the scanning speed curve in the PIE/PIF test seems to indicate that there were too much IDE load while testing.

As a sidenote, R05 seems disappointing. :frowning:
Nevertheless, I’ll try some sometime soon…


@[B]MedaDETH[/B]: does the 1650 systematically burn R05 @12X and not @16X? Or do you think that [B]sallam[/B] had SolidBurn enabled?


I have not burned any at 16x as my 1655 is in a external enclosure.

I have burned them at 12x however I didn’t save the scans :frowning:

I can burn one at 12x if anyone is interested in the results

edit: results

BenQ 1655 12x Solidburn on WOPC on