Imation 12x8x32



Okay, I think I made a HUGE mistake. My former backup CD-R (Phillips CDD-4201) died on
me so I was able to buy the Imation 12x8x32 (burn proof clone). Now I can’t do anything
except to make coasters. When I use Roxio EZ CD Creator 5.01 to make music CDs, it
starts to copy but flashes for about 20 seconds (ruins the CD) and then quits. So I tried
Nero 5.048 and it will copy about 6 files then it gives me a SCSI adapter error. I don’t
have a SCSI anything in the computer and the drive is an IDE. Any ideas? I already called
to take it back and was given a lot of grief by the store. I just bought it on Sunday and
paid $99 plus I am supposed to get a $30 rebate, however, after 9 coasters in 9 tries,
my rebate and low price will be worth NOTHING. If anyone has any ideas, I would be
forever grateful. Peace


Check your ASPI layer with ASPIcheck form here :
and if it reports it as being bad Download ForceAspi from the same place and remove and replace you ASPI layer with it.
Also try turnig on DMA in the divice manager (or off if it is on :slight_smile: )

Good luck


Thanks for the help. I took back the CD-R and exchanged it and had a similiar problem. Their tech support could not help me except to state that they had experience various problems. They did say it was made by Acer and is the equivilant of the Acer 1208a although it is made to their specifications. The second one continued to make nice coasters for me so now I have my money and no CD-R. I am going back to the CD-R that I have always used(if I can find one to buy) a Mitsumi 4804TE, it is slow and no burnproof but it is reliable.


If it’s an acer 1208a then you have a great drive on your hands…and for the price…keep it…as far as the coster thing…well you have to check your ASPI layer. That, I’m sure is your problem…The drive u have can and will do secure rom 1 and 2 and safedisk 1 and 2. The other thing is get adaptec out of your system. It just sucks and will f up your system…go for nero and clone cd…good luck…