Imation 10-pack CD-R & jewel cases $0.99 @ Staples Friday sale

Staples has their Friday sale going on. One of their deals is a 10-pack of Imation 700MB CD-R (probably CMC) in jewel cases for 99 cents. Sorry but I can’t link the deal because of zip codes.

Somebody was recently looking for a deal on jewel cases and $10 for 100 is about the best price I’ve seen with the exception of Black Friday and that Staples deal a couple of weeks ago. They could just buy this and toss the media! :eek:

Imation 10/Pack 700MB CD-R, Jewel Cases Special Buy

* $4.99 Regular Price
* - $4.00 Less Instant Savings
* $0.99 Your Final Cost

Perfect for creating and saving large applications

* 10/Pack jewel cases
* 700MB/80 Minutes
* R = write once

$4.99 is nuts as a regular price for this!

This seems like the same deal they had on Cyber Monday. The limit was 20 (10 packs)…free shipping.

It says out of stock when I put the quantity in, I tried 10 and then 1 …each time it says out of stock.

I just checked my zip in Indy and my brother’s zip in Atlanta and both were OOS also. Oh well, I’m not a fan of Imation CD-R media anyway. It’s OK but nothing more.

Out of stock in Texas as well.

Just an FYI (mentioned it in another thread as well), the discs are in full size jewel cases rather than slim cases, and the media is CMC made in Hong Kong. Haven’t burned a disc yet but I could try a burn here in a few minutes and do a scan.

Actually, many of these special deals always end up being out of stock…but what it does do for the retailer is it gets folks in the store. And, once in the store many folks will end up buying something while they are there.

It’s illegal in most states to intentionally advertise a special sale on an item(s) that you know you don’t have much in stock, but it’s next to impossible to prove the retailer did this on purpose, so this doesn’t get prosecuted by most attorneys general.

This is a slick little trick that alot of retailers are doing these days.

I went to the local Staples here and they don’t have them but the manager ordered me 10/10pks free shipping. I need some beater CD’s for family/friends.

“Beater”???..gettin kinky for the holidays, eh :iagree: :disagree: :doh: :stuck_out_tongue: :eek: :cool:

What you said is true, although in the case of Staples I don’t even have a local store and instead I commonly order from their website. When I received my order of 100 I thought something was wrong as the box was much bigger than expected, as I had assumed that they would be slim cases. Probably a good thing that I didn’t order more. :stuck_out_tongue:


  1. You don’t think much of your family
  2. Your family has non-picky players, or
  3. You haven’t gotten enough complaints from your family

“Some Random Guy, you know that movie you backed up for me? (on a Taiyo Yuden disc, with the latest firmware, bookmarked to dvd-rom, and it scanned nearly perfectly) It keeps skipping. Can you burn me another one?” :a

Aah. I feel better now. :cool:

Well, you know what happens when you assume :doh:

Didn’t the product description specify what it was you were buying, exactly? Not all websites do, and I hate that!

I bought a printer a while back and when it arrived, I was greeted by the “Factory Fefurb” sticker on the box…and I NEVER buy anything that is refurbed, for obvious reasons (like, it’s NOT new…hello :rolleyes: )

Anyway, I shipped it back and had my bank reverse the charge (I paid for it on a credit card, not a debit card), which forced the merchant to give me a refund. (you should have seen the ridiculous requirements for returning merchandise!)

When I shop online, I use a credit card so I have recourse to get a refund if things don’t work out my way. :smiley:

  1. My family continually jerks me around, so they oughtta be thankful I’m giving them all copies of movies nobody has ever heard of for Christmas, on cheap DVDs no less!

    “Hey, let’s watch skippy…” :doh:

a link to staples add starting on 12-3-06.
. Hope the link works okay.

It didn’t say ‘slim’ so it’s my own fault, no big deal. I did click on the image though and from the depth of the image, it appeared as though they were slim cases to me, and add to that the fact that most media sold in jewel cases are in slim cases, exept in small packs such as packs of 1 or 3. Getting refurbished when it was not stated is flat out fraud so that’s a big no-no. Most refurbished products I’ve bought are physically new in condition, but then that’s irrelevant if it was expected to be a new product.

Regarding these discs, I’ve NEVER had an issue with any CD-Rs other than some issues with extremely cheap, low grade Plasmon CD-Rs and even those usually work fine. Some players can be very picky about media but I tend to blame the player and poor support or non-support of CD-R media rather than the media itself. I’ll burn a disc here in a minute and post the scan.

That’s why I only use Mitsui.

I’ve seen my copies play on very early CD players from the 80s and early 90s with no problems at all. I’ve tried that with some of the other mainstrem brands and have seen 'em not play.

Here’s a scan of a full burn at 40x on a Benq 1640. Not great or terrible, typical of inexpensive mainstream media (there was a speck of dust that probably accounted for the largest spike). My MBI Imation discs burn a little better but I’ve been burning them at 16-32x so that may have an influence.

Another scan if anyone is interested, this time at 24x in a Pioneer 111.

True, it’s kind of hit or miss with some of the older players. I have an old Magnavox CD player circa 1987 that even plays some old CompUSA house brand media (16x Prodisc), which scan terribly. It will also play Fuji/Taiyo Yuden and some other brands.

It is still fully functional so there isn’t any reason to ditch it. Considering I just picked up a new Philips DVD player that plays everything under the sun for only $30, I estimate the value of the Magnavox to be about $1.50. But until it quits working or some family member wants it I’m not going to throw a working player in the trash. If nothing else I’ll put it out in the garage with some powered speakers.

Scoobiedoobie, those graphs look excellent compared to the CMC CD-R media I’ve scanned. They were typically under the brand names of Imation, Philips & KHypermedia. Out of those the KHypermedia are the worst. The top silver layer would often flake off. :Z I haven’t bought any CMC media in probably 5 years since they used to be free or next to free after rebates.