IMAPI services MISSING ?!

i originally thought i just had trouble burning CDs in WMP11 after getting the error message “CONNECT A BURNER AND RESTART THE PLAYER” and after weeks of searching, ive found that im missing my IMAPI panel in SERVICES.MSC and i cannot find IMAPI SERVICES in my windows registry. maybe i uninstalled other software that came with my computer? but itunes still burns CDs for me.

is there anywhere i could download or reinstall IMAPI or any program that HAS IMAPI?

What Windows version are you running, what CD/DVD burner are you using, and do any other burning programs detect the drive normally for burning?

EDIT: I read your other post here: Just note that you only need to make one post regarding a problem; any more and it’s considered crossposting, which is against the rules. :wink:

The other questions I asked above still stand, though.

yes yes, but i was afraid it would have gotten buried under all the other posts and lost to endless cache of the internet.

i have XP sp2, and my burner is a _NEC DVD±RW ND-6650A from what i can gather. itunes works fine. winamp says it works fine. i realized a while later that i was running DVD43 (dvd decryption software) about the time this happened.

a friend of mine recommended that i either reinstall XP from the CD, which i dont have, or to upgrade to WINDOWS 7, which im not leaning too strongly towards right now.

its because of this issue that ive been sampling other media players in hopes of capturing the UI of WMP, but ive still grown warm to that buggy thing. is there a chance that WMP 12 may come out anytime soon?.. but i guess i would still have that IMAPI problem.