IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service and DVD-RAM

Hi everyones…thanks for your time.

Under WinXP (sp2), i have installed dvd-ram driver version Everything actually works fine. I just need to know if the shortcut in the Startup folder can be removed safely. It is named RAMASST and it points to C:\WINDOWS\system32\RAMASST.exe. From what i’ve read, RAMASST.exe is used to disable the XP built-in cd burning functions. If i right-click the drive’s letter in My Computer (Pioneer DVR-111D crossflashed to DVR-111L)>recording tab, “Enable CD recording on this drive” is not ticked. Also in Services, the IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service is set to manual. This said, can i conclude that RAMASST.exe is useless on my system at the present time? TIA for your reply.


I think, it is safe to remove the shortcut to RAMASST. But I would strongly recommend to set IMAPI service to DISABLED before in order to avoid problems.


I’m running with IMAPI set to manual and it doesn’t cause any problems with the RAM drivers.

Even with CD Recording disabled I’ve still left RAMASST running just in case.

Thanks a lot for your replies.
I’ve removed RAMASST from the Startup folder and put it in a temporary place just in case i would get some issues. Everything is fine after 3 days (and 2 reboots)… my automated backups routine still works with the DVD-RAM drive.