Images to DVD

I am very new to PCs! I have had a PC custom-built and it has a DVD RW in it (which I think shows as drive F).

I had the DVD installed so I could copy images taken on my digital camera onto a DVD. I am lost as to how I can do this - despite several attempts!

On my desktop I have ‘Nero Start Smart’. I click on that I select ‘DVD’ and after that although I can select the images on the HD they do not copy to the DVD. Sometimes I am asked to ‘insert a disk into drive F:’

Can anyone help please?



what type of finshed product are you after ? a photo dvd slidshow ? an auto play photo dvd with menus etc ? or do you just want to put the images on to dvd as they are for storage and be able to view them as still images in any dvd player. also what operating system is it ? XP ? go to start/my computer and look for a dvd - r drive ? is it actually drive F ?