Images that work

Ok, I have a Mitumi writer that I know will not copy SD2, but I would like to know if I could build or read an image for later? Store it on an RW for the purchase of a writr at a later date?
LOL…haven’t decided on a new writer yet!

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When your burner can’t read SD2 properly, you can’t create a correct image, so don’t waste your time with trying this
How do you know if it reads it properly? And maybe my reader can or will read it as well! Just a question!

have you tried
its basically an “image emulator”–if thats what you want to call it. It takes the image and makes a “fake” cd-rom out of it using the image you provide for it. You can also burn the image as a data cd --ie image.iso as a file–that works just as well.

But you still need to create a good image in the first place!!!