Images stretched with Roxio Label Creator

Friends: I am using Roxio Label Creator to create round jewel labels for CDs. I find when I transfer a picture to the main print area of the label it looks “stretched” longitudinally, so all the heads in the pic look elongated. It prints that way too. Has anyone experienced this before? Can you help me? Thanks a lot!!!

Whenever I’ve used this app I’ve had to adjust it’s size to fit but I finish up with a correctly proportioned image.

These are downloaded images or images I’ve scanned so the source was either a DVD case ,a CD jewel case or the round CD image & I print them accordingly.

I’ve never experienced any problems with this. I can only think that the source of the image is not meant for what you’re trying to print.

great work. i am still fighting with my lightscribe. i don’t know if it’s me or the drive!