Images from Android 4.4 KLP / Kitkat with Babel Log

Here are some additional images from the log file of Android 4.4 Kitkat / KLP that’s more than 10 MB. Because the file contains personal data we make only images available.

Here we show a list of all the sensors in the Nexus 5 and evidence of Wireless charging of the device.

This post will be updated while we grab more information from the file.

Added - Camera sensor settings
Added - Qualcomm RIL
Added - Display settings / DPI / Resolution
Added - Something that seems to refer to SD cards

Hope more details leak out soon

Hope they use a larger sensor in next years camera

I’ve updated the post with a couple of new updates, check the newsitem for the last update:

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Added - Showing four Krait cores
Added - Showing the Qualcomm GPU
Added - Showing Geofencing service

Added - Showing that Android Kitkat keeps track of how often you start an app. Probably to let you sort apps based on usage

Thread is open again, please post something useful, if you do, we’ll release more information here.


Also, a little bit more of my own take on what could be in store:

any images of nexus 5

nexus 5

It is possible have the log file to help you to find information? :slight_smile:

Hope to see the details soon

We’ve just posted another screenshot of Android Kitkat, showing the pie-debug-icon…

Get it here: (no login required)

Hope to see real Nexus 5 soon.

I will be greatly dissapointed if Google didn’t improve the camera on the Nexus 5

I have the Nexus 4 and love it for the most part except the camera.

@Dominator Considering that this is a log file from kit kat there are no information about the software in the log file. Can i help you in some way?

Thanks for all that goodness :slight_smile:

Hope to see real Nexus 5 soon

Hope more details leak out soon