Images don't work!

Can anyone help me? I’ve manage to get images of protected games… 007 Nightfire and Deltaforce TFD. They work through a virtual drive, with no problem. But when I try and burn them onto a CD-R. They don’t work! What have I done wrong? I presume that if the CCD image works then if I burn them onto a cdr then then the disk should work. Is it the options i’ve selected or the burner, HP 9200i?

Please help

Read the rules…Unless you own the CDs, its illegal to copy the software, hence not allowed on this forum.

If i were you, i would refrase the question.

I do own the software. I’m trying to back it up… I don’t know where I have said, implied or stated, in the previous message, that I was making illegal copies? Sorry if I did.

I’v managed to get

That part of your question was questionable (usually people who formulate their questions like that refer to illegally downloaded files)…but with the additional statement you clarified it.

I am not that knowledgeable on copy protections, but depending on the copy protection used, not all hardware are able to make a proper backup of it. By mounting an image using Daemon tools or Alcohol 120% it is often possible to use the backup.

Perhaps you can use ClonyXXL to determine the kind of copy protection used, check you writer’s capabilities in the Hardware list (sheep status) at the CloneCD website and then do a bit of searchin on this forum to find out what the best way is to go about this problem.

I extracted the image of the cd using clone cd but alcohol was also installed at the time. Are you suggesting that alcohol was enabling me to use the image by emulation? Because I uninstalled alcohol, and the image still worked.
Does that mean that alcohol or daemon actually ‘repairs’ or edits the image… I always presumed the image was always ‘bad’ and that the emulator some how allows a ‘bad’ image or cd to be still used/played.
Surely if this image that i’ve taken is working now, if I can burn this image on to a CD then this CD too will work fine. So my only problem now is to get a CD recorder which will allow me to do this.

In all probability your writer simply isn’t able to handle the relevant protection so that, while you can get a good image, you can’t burn it successfully. If it’s a no sheep or 1 sheep writer there are no guarantees.

007 NightFire - James Bond - Safedisc 2.80.010
Delta Force - Task Force Dagger Safedisc 2.60.052

Info from CloneCD Web site
Your burner, if it is a HP 9200i.

  • = Drive does not write regular bit patterns correctly or has not yet been tested. Use “Emulate weak sectors”.

Tried emulate weak sectors… didn’t work. Looks like it’s a new cd writer for me then!