ImageDrive compatible with WinXP?

Hey Folks,

I’m really enjoying finding out all the details of Nero, but just started researching its “ImageDrive” feature.

I realize ImageDrive is very “Virtual CD”-ish, and was looking forward to trying it out. BUT…

When I began installing ImageDrive in Windows XP Professional, I got the alert:

 "This driver is not signed...."

You know, the warning that basically says “Proceed at your own Risk!” :slight_smile:

Does anyone else have ImageDrive installed in WinXP(Pro)? If so, I’d love to know whether you’ve had any compatibility problems with this combination. (I’m also asking because historically, I’ve found “Virtual CD” programs to be very unforgiving in their behavior with Windows OS’s.)


  • Tim

If you see my posts above about this bloody thing, I hope you know what youre doing !!
I get the impression that no-one knows or uses it, In fact, I just deleted Image drive.exe from the directory and the shortcut, from my drive, in case I accidentally installed it, like my unfortunate friend did!!

Regards, Al Bags UK. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. As time wore on, and I happened across a couple of other people’s posts (elsewhere) about ImageDrive, I realized that ImageDrive and Windows XP must not function well together.

I think I will avoid it until (a) the Nero vendor addresses the situation, (b) more Help documentation is available, and © the product gets used widely enough to generate user feedback.

Honestly, I think that’s a sensible approach to ALL software, and is perhaps the only substantive reason I stick to “name brands” when it comes to software, or well-heeled shareware.

Anyone else had experience with ImageDrive from the Nero package under Windows XP (Pro)? Let us know. :smiley:

  • Tim

Dont hold it for too long, Tim…waiting !!

Al Bags:bigsmile:

Image Drive has no compatibility issues with XP.

I have it installed & xp pro.

no probs.

Indeed, its a good utility.