ImageDrive bug or just my system?

I get something rather odd (only a cosmetic problem) with the ImageDrive application.

Please could people try this and see if they have the same thing. If they do please could they comment here and perhaps report it to Ahead.

I am running NERO (though this has been present since about on Windows XP Home.

The weirdness I see is the following. I start the ImageDrive application I am presented with a dialogue with 3 tabs “Options”, “First drive” and “Second drive”. However if I click on either “First drive” or “Second drive” the name of the Tab changes to “Options” and stays that way until I exit the ImageDrive Application!!

No comments from anyone?!?

Anybody see this bug?
Anybody not see it?

Come on!

Well, what a load of pathetic terminally lazy sods you all are.

This is easy to check but not one person could be bothered.

I shall not be bothering to answer any more questions myself, that’s for sure.