ImageBurn doesn't recognize disc drive?

Hello, I’m trying to burn a ISO image with IB. It says it finds a disc drive but doesn’t. I’ve tried to upload a text log file but it says it’s invalid file. Thanks

Do you have output set to Device, rather than Image file?

Hello Kerry 56, Is this something in settings? How do I change this? Thanks

Those settings are only used in “Build” mode.

Does Windows Explorer show the drive ?
If using in “Write” mode does ImgBurn show the disc as “Empty”
Is "Test Mode " unchecked ?
Not Sure why the ImgBurn log isn’t valid.
Does it show the log below the ImgBurn GUI ?


Cholla is right about the Output…I stay in Build mode so much I forgot it doesn’t apply to writing images.

Does your dvd drive show up in Destination in ImgBurn? If not, check in Device Manager and see if it is shown in there.

Copy + paste everything from the Log window please.