Image won't burn


a few days ago I tried to make a backup of Zoo Tycoon Marine Mania. With Clony I determined that the protection was Safedisk1. I read out an image to my HD. Now when I tried to write it to an empty CD CloneCD (4.01.10) either froze at the lead in or wrote an audio track to the disk allthough I set it to be a game.

I use a lite-on 32125W which I upgraded to 48125W. I had some trouble last week with Nero
:frowning: which froze my system. I reinstalled it with version

Anyone has a clue or suggestions?


And what about in Virtual CD-Rom. Does it work???


I just installed CloneCD and checked the image. I can make it work installing and playing using CloneCd virtual disk but of course I rather would have a CD to install it on the PC’s of my kids.

just tried with the new version of CloneCd. Another coaster. Now I noticed that my writer does not read the contents of another normal CD while my DVD drive does. perhaps I should reflash it? very strange.

When I said my writer won’t read a CD I ment in Windows Explorer. Actually I can read it when continuing a multisession in Nero. I think I just have to reflash to see what happens.

Mmmm…probably an overclock issue; is DMA enabled on the drive?