Image with extension cdi



I have an image with the extension of cdi ie the program is abc.cdi. Could anyone please tell me what program I can use to extract the image to a cd?


this extension belongs to the program padus discjuggler, you can find it here ( )

if you want to burn it you must select

burn from image file, then you have to type the place off that abc.cdi and than you can burn it, there is no need for extracting the image


Thanks for your prompt reply. I however think tthat diskjuggler has the extension cdj and not cdi. Any other ideas?


Sorry, CDI is the extension for Disk Juggler. I finally got it to write the cd. I initiaaly tried Millenium without success, but I got it to work in Windows 2000 with the Beta Copy 3.


i’m pleased :smiley: