Image verification problem?



I’m trieng to make a backup of ut2003, i followed instructions on this forum. During verification of image, i get this screen from blind write:
note there are question marsk, i suppose there should be smiles, not question marks. Where could be the problem?
Sorry for mu bad english


there are question marks because you have not verified the image yet. When it gets to that screen press “START” (not the next button) to verify the image


ah, ok, not it works, but it gives me this:
Verification Checklist

:wink: Image consistency…HD Image OK

:wink: Sector Headers…Sector headers are ok

:wink: Read Errors…No detected errors in sectors

:wink: Weak Sectors…No detected weak sectors

:wink: File Systems…volume(s) & file(s) system(s) found

? Physical Media…No physical media data found

:wink: Synthesis…This image is good

? Recommendations…Any writing mode shall be correct

is it normal there is a question mark near “Physical Media”??