Image upload problems



Dear wonderful techs at Cdfreaks…I still cannot upload images as at 18.48 Australian Eastern Standard Time- Easter Sunday. Any idea when this problem will be solved? I note that European users of the forum now seem to be able to upload images but not a poor silly Aussie like me. Please let us know because I have some scans I want to put up.
Thank you wonderful technicians.


Hi :slight_smile:
Have you moved this. I thought I’d already responded. See here.


Sorry Zebadee,
I have just restated that the problem of image posting is persisting. I didn’t your excellent suggestion and reply, for which I thank you.

  1. creating a new thread about a problem that is already known is unnecessary
  2. posting it in the wrong forum even more…

Please keep this in mind for future reference.
I will close this one.