Image type differences

I usually see different types of images files. iso,mdf/mdx,bin/cue,img.etc
and i would justl ike to know what are the differences.Also mds files seem to jump from about 700mb to 750mb

The differences are the programmes use to make them, though some programmes can make more than one image type, so to burn them you just need the programme you used to make them. If you didn’t make them then don’t ask whjat progs to use to burn them as helping would be against the rules. The size of the file is not neccessarily what it will turn out to be when burnt as some contain a few extra instructions.

Ok, here’s a really quick rundown.

ISO files are a standardized format of file, with a particular sector size. Pretty much any disc that doesn’t have some weird-oh physical characteristics or protection can be stored as an ISO. However, there are other reasons to use the other types. For the MOST part, however, ISOs are just fine.

BIN/CUE files are similar to ISOs with a couple key differences. First, the sector size is different. Second, the CUE file is used to keep track of the number of tracks, the track gaps, the track formats, etc. This allows a little more flexibility in the file. For example, Exact Audio Copy rips CD’s as one big WAV file… and a CUE file. The CUE file tells the program where to put the track gaps, etc.

IMG files are pretty much like ISO, just a slightly different format.

MDS/MDF files are VERY different. This format can keep track of PHYSICAL characteristics of the disc. This includes subchannel data, physical disc errors (i.e. copy protection), etc.

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