Image too Large for DVD5

I decided to give Nero Recode (and AnyDVD) a try tonight with my X2 DVD. When everything was all done, the image file created was too large to fit on a DVD5. Just to make sure I had done everything correctly I started the process again and made sure the Target Size was set properly. Once again the image file was too large. :confused:

Any idea what I am doing wrong? Thank you,


How large was it?

In both attempts the files created were over 4600 MB.

The AfterDawn Forum has a section dedicated to DVDShrink which is very similiar to Nero Recode. Members on that site suggest limiting the Target Size to 4360 MB (a custom size). I tried that and was able to make a back-up of my X2 DVD. The new file is 4387 MB which is larger than the Target Size but still fits on a DVD+5.


Hmm, I’ve never had a problem with that at all. I just pick the default target of DVD5 and it all works out nice. Done scores of Mpeg2 burns that way.

I was curious, so checked the .mp4’s I’d been making, to see how similar they were in size. I’m lately just defaulting everything to the same size, not really caring what the content is, so that I won’t have to hard a time (if I ever decide to burn them to disk) finding files that all add up to 4.7 billion bytes. I was frustrating myself earlier, never being able to put a compilation together that didn’t either total 4.8 or 3.8 billion bytes. Seemed like a waste. So I figure if Recode reckons one DVD5 is 4,459 MB (it’s default value), I’ll call it 4455 just to be safe, and tell it to create .mp4’s of 1,485 MB so that I can fit any three files neatly on one DVD5; and at that file size the .mp4 quality looks great enough to me when played through my television for any movie under 2 hours.

(BTW - I’ve been wondering if anyone can tell me how many hours of .mp4 they think they can squeeze on a DVD5 and still comfortably keep what they feel is “DVD quality” - but that is another thread).

In any case, I checked the files sizes of all the files I asked Nero to make 1,485 MB and they all are accurate to about 5 million bytes of each other, or about 1,549,486,433 bytes each. Which puts my compilation sizes at about 4.65 billion bytes, right on target.

Are you using DVD+R or DVD-R? I had the same problem untill I tried DVD-R. They hold 6 more megs than DVD+R. Plus you can simulate burns with -R, not +R.

I have to agree with zambionguy. I haven’t ever had a problem with recode and size. With dvd+r and -r. There are at least two other threads on the topic, and I dont see why people still don’t use the darn search button :a and instead start a new thread. :rolleyes: . Anyways, Not sure what version of recode is in use, but go ahead and upgrade to the latest. might help.

Every now and then I come across a DVD that won’t compress to fit on a DVD5 with Nero Recode. Pinnacle Instant Copy will compress further, but takes about twice as long to burn it all to disc.

For the record, I used DVD+R… but lately, DVD+R DL - and though I usually don’t need recode with DL, I have used it successfully a few times with no issues at all.