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ok so i am a newbie when it comes to the dvd and game burning…heck the only burning i’ve rly ever done is music cds. so can i split this file up to fit on multiple dvds? guess i should mention it is a pc game that is almost 7 gigs. is there a way to zip it smaller that will still work to install when i put it in another comp? thanks for your help folks i seriously appriciate it.

The solution is to burn to a double layer dvd. Get Verbatim brand +R DL disks, and burn at 4x.

I’ve never ripped or burned a game . I think there are some special software to do the rip correctly . You should see if you can find more information in this area.
You need something that will remove the copy protection .
Then the " layer break" would need to be in the correct location (if that is the correct term for a game) . I don’t think movie copy software would determine this. I bet ImgBurn can do the burn if the rip is correct & you might need to know where to manually put the layer break.
Someone that has done this can give better help. I just wanted to let you know it is usually more than just rip & burn with games .

thanks for the replies guys i apriciate all the help i recieve on tis site!!! in the end i took kerry’s advice tho and it worked perfect. thanks i didn’t even know that there was a bigger kinda dvd+r … dl wow. i am so glad you let me know about this and thanks again!!! :iagree: