Image to vbo or?

I have a image file from a dvd thats gone bad. The image file is on my hard drive was created before the dvd went bad so its in good shape. Its 7.8gig.
I want to burn it back on to a 4.7gig dvd using nero recode becuase the dual layers just dont work that well. I cannot get recode to read the image file or nero burner to convert the image file to vbo ie; burn to hard drive so that recode can use it.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Does it actually have a .img extension? If it’s an ISO or NRG you can use NeroImage Drive to mount it and proceed from there.

DVD Shrink might open it. If it does, trim some of the ‘Fat’ and it should fit a DVD 5.

I enabled nero image drive, but dont se how to mount the img file as a drive. How is that done

Thanks mysticeyes, got it to work.