Image Still and Video

Hi everyone, i want to make menus for my DVDs. I use DVD Lab, which makes excellent Interactive Menus with moving objects. However this requires me to have a “video” already made to make it as a background instead of a still image.

My question is, is there any program out there that can allow me to add an image and video to one sole thing. For example there are some DVDs i have that when it starts on the root menu, there is like, let say the cover image of the DVD, and lets say there is a crop between the image and there is video playing there. Only the video part is playing and the image is just still. It is a combination of a still image and video. Is there any video program that would allow me to do this?



P.S. If you need more explaining please ask.

I think I undersatnd, its a small Window with a motion movie in it and the rest of the screen is still. A very common menu setup.

I have read that Adobe Premier can do all that but sorry I wouldnt know where to start. Thats pretty advanced stuff I believe. I’m sure I would have read that at the forum

Slide Show Movie Maker (freeware application) can make any number of still images and make them into a video, so it would also make 1 pic into a video.

Available here